Optima BlueTop Dual Purpose Battery

In severe conditions of the sea possibilities of Optima with dark blue top are more clearly shown. In Optima with dark blue top possibility leak of electrolyte is completely excluded. Thus, supply of electricity does not stop because of the vibration created by the engine or blows of sea waves. All it became possible thanks […]

Optima RedTop

Hardly you turned the ignition key, accumulator Optima with red top shows power, proving perfection of the design. Accumulators with red top provide reliable start of engines on the cars intensively maintained by professionals. Creation of the powerful and compact battery, capable to get both heavy diesel engines, and set of other internal combustion engines […]

Powerful battery Optima YellowTop

The special vehicles equipped with winches, devices for an engine warming up, the powerful audio systems and other consumers of the energy, and other who need accumulators of the raised capacity. Optima is intended for such systems with yellow top. This accumulator supports a high voltage in process of the category, allowing to use its […]

Titan Standard 55

Titan Euro Silver and budgetary batteries, accurately located in an average grocery niche. These accumulators perfectly approach both for domestic cars(made in Russia), and for the supported foreign cars with the limited quantity of an additional electrical equipment. The basic difference of a novelty from big brothers of family Titan – the production technology – […]

Battery American 75650

Series AKB for cars, utility trucks and buses. Unattended, filled in, charged, the level indicator of how much power lest, the cold-resistant case with external reinforcement ribs. The patented design of a double cover, presence of the special porous filters interfering allocation of steams of acid, cause safety of operation. Capacity: 75 Polarity: return The […]


VARTA BLACK DYNAMIC – an excellent parity of the price and productivity. The ideal battery for cars in a standard complete set with small power consumption, innovative technology VARTA with solid capacity and the big life cycle pleases any driver! Series BLACK dynamic is specially developed for economical buyers who appreciate high quality, reliability and […]

VARTA BLUE Dynamic A14

VARTA differs the whole package of high indicators. The maximum quality standards do not suppose any compromises. For this purpose we use all our know-how for constant innovations. Therefore we always offer you accumulator batteries with the highest technically – MI indicators which guarantee to you still the big capacity and reliability. Features: Series BLUE […]


Battery BOSCH SILVER PLUS S5 001 is the accumulator battery of the first-rate quality which are meeting the requirements of leading world motor-car manufacturers. Thanks to application of a new design of a lattice, silver use at manufacturing – this accumulator provides reliable start at extremely low temperatures, improves its ability to start-up of the […]

Bosch Asia Silver S4018

Car battery BOSCH ASIA SILVER is developed specially for cars of the Asian origin. Thanks to silver at manufacturing of this accumulator, it possesses high technical characteristics and has the increased life cycle. This battery has the strong case with the welded cover and is unattended. In addition, it provides a reliable starting engine operation […]