Optima Yellow Top D34 Review

Optima YellowTop D34 – Designed for large accessory load vehicles
Optima Batteries 8012-021 D34 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery provides deep-cycling capability and extra performance. SpiralCell technology used in the battery is considered to be its unique feature for providing sturdy and spotless power source. It assured about your safety and the environment. The Optima battery D34 is really a perfect option for seasonal use as due to its low down self-discharge rate. There is no need for regular charging when your vehicles are stored all winter. Users will never face any troubles due to starting ability after the winter is over. The weight of the battery is 42.9 pounds and it is designed to hold 12-volt capacity. Further, it has the reserve ability of 120 minutes for invariable performance. Manufacturer created this battery to deliver extreme starting power even in dreadful weather conditions. The dimensions of the battery are 10 x 6.9 x 7.8 inches. If your vehicle has plenty of accessories, you can make use of this D34 battery as it delivers the excellent performance.


Vibration resistance and a great deal

Very-low discharge rate of Optima battery is supreme for recurrent use. The Optima YellowTop is the best dual-purpose battery in the market. Unparalleled cycling ability and first-class cranking power is the chief cause for its reputation and popularity. The Optima battery is perfect for latest accessory-loaded automobiles. People who are in need of ultimate power source can prefer this remarkable battery devoid of concerns. Vehicles with audio systems, high demand electronics and even more can make use of this battery for obtaining decisive starting performance. Deep-cycle power is a main cause to choose this Optima battery by the enthusiasts. Once you set this batter in your vehicle, it fits and works in a proper way. Everyone can purchase this great battery as it is available at affordable rate. Most of the buyers are obtained immense benefits due to the good experience using this battery. SpiralCell technology used in the battery will make sure about its effective functions.

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  • Ultimate convenience due to maintenance-free
  • Mountable in several different positions
  • Free replacement warranty and faster recharging abilities
  • Excellent cranking and deep cycling power


  • Heavy
  • Battery does not meet the specification

The Optima YellowTop D34 is a perfect option for heavy-load accessory automobiles. The Yellow Top series is considered to be the best choice than other batteries in the market. Users will never face any issues while using the YellowTop battery. Purchasers are glad to obtain these batteries as it is accessible within the budget. You don’t have to concern about leaks or spills in any case. Further, the electrolyte ranges will function perfectly on your cars. This crucial acid battery is considered to be the most excellent choice for your car as because of its high performance and wonderful features. Purchase this battery in a reliable store to save your money and for good packaging solutions. If you want to replace your old battery, you can prefer to buy the Optima YellowTop D34 battery to experience its immense functions.