Exide Edge FP-AGML4/94R Flat Plate Battery

Essential details about Exide Edge FP-AGML4/94 R Automotive Battery

Today most of people are wants to buy a car to travel anywhere but car accessories should be reliable otherwise they can’t get smoother ride. The battery is one of the important things that must have placed in a car to maximize the energy. In these days many leading companies are involving in car battery manufacturing so people need to choose a best company and model to avoid issues in care energy. The Exide Edge is a quality battery manufacturer and this company offers different battery models to sell. The Exide Edge FP-AGML 4/96 R Automotive is one of the best rated battery models of Exide technologies. This model is simply effective and it highly works hard to maximize the energy of car. The Amazon online shopping store simply offers great deals on this battery so people can buy this battery at low cost through online stores.


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Battery is highly important for some big motor vehicles such as car, truck and others. The quality of battery needs to be high otherwise people have to face several restrictions during the car ride. The Exide Edge FP-AGM4/94 R automotive battery is a best model that contains amazing features and specifications. This model is containing 800 CCA, and 140 MIN RC. The AGM construction is also non-spillable. The car battery should have some effective capacity that very essential to avoid problems of handling heavy loads. This Exide battery has a greater capacity so users can buy this battery without any hesitations. The sustainable performance is also a key feature of Exide edge batteries. It is highly durable so people can use this battery for heavy traffic stop and go with effective electrical demands. The users can able to get specifications details through amazing online shopping store official website. The Exide edge batteries are available in various online shopping stores and other reputed shops but Amazon store is highly simple and effective to buy this car battery. The Exide edge FP-AGML4/94 AGM automotive battery price is $165.61 and users can save $0.94 with free shipping when users go to Amazon.com. However Exide Edge batteries are optimal for car so users can buy it without any confusion. The accessories and construction of battery also highly reliable so users don’t worry about durability of Exide edge batteries.


Exide Edge is a great option to buy batteries because this company only manufacture the quality batteries. The Exide Edge FP-AGM4/94 R automotive battery is manufactured by advanced surelife graphite technology. This improved technology is pretty useful to increase the energy capacitance that helps the battery for longer life. The battery failure problems are also highly avoided by this advanced technology.

However Exide batteries are highly important to vehicles that perform very well with longer life. The users can be proud when they are using advanced and featured Exide edge automotive batteries.