Optima Batteries 25 (8025-160) RedTop Starting Battery Review

Optima Batteries 8025-160 25 RedTop Starting Battery is mainly designed to produce extreme power cranking capacity even in harsh climate conditions. SpiralCell design is completely unique as it offers clean and strong power source. Further, it makes sure about user’s safety. The battery is truly great for intense use by off-roaders and hot rods. It has good starting ability, high power and leak-proof features. Users can obtain longer shelf-life based on their needs due to its superior reserve capacity. The RedTop AGM battery is the eventual starting battery. It is intended to deliver an influential burst of ignition control for a consistent start-up at all time. It is a proven battery for each road every day. The battery has 90 minutes reserve capacity for steady performance. Further, it provides most favorable starting power even in awful climate conditions. The weight of the battery is 39.5 pounds and it is intended with 12-Volt capacity. It is fifteen times more defiant to vibration for toughness.


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Optimal starting power and faster recharge

The RedTop Optima battery works well for most of the vehicles. It will withstand excessive corners and hard launches. It outlasts for more years than other kinds of traditional batteries. Spillproof starting battery is really an ideal option for hot rods, trucks and other applications. It gains immense and supreme reputation as an automotive and truck battery. The battery is designed to meet industry standards by the manufacturers. Spiral wound cells are considered to be as heart of each Optima battery. Each cell is comprised with two pure lead plates which are covered in a specific coating of lead oxide. Both positive and negative coated plates are present in the battery. Vehicles which require starting as the main function will make use of RedTop batteries.


  • Best starting power and quick recharging
  • Mountable in almost any position and spillproof
  • Longer life and 5 second starting explode
  • SpiralCell technology offers good vibration resistance
  • Completely free maintenance
  • Easy to install and safe to handle


  • Loses charge and quite expensive
  • Uncertain voltage level and heavy

Finally, the RedTop Optima 25 is really worth for your money. Easy and simple installation is the major benefit of this battery. Vehicle owners who want to replace the battery can make use of this battery without any concerns. It offers long lasting life and good starting power at any circumstances. Users will never face any troubles on using it. Long-lasting battery life is a great achievement of this battery. This optima model is truly a perfect option for your cars. The battery will perform its amazing functions in muscle car. The battery runs effectively at reasonable price ranges. Buyers need to consider about its free maintenance. People who are looking for a battery within budget can choose this exclusive RedTop battery. It will never produce any kind of issues while using it. Install this powerful Optima RedTop battery in your vehicle and experience its excellent starting burst features without the engine running.