Optima DS46B24R YellowTop Perfect For Toyota Prius

Optima 8171-767 DS46B24R YellowTop Battery is ideal for vehicles which have high-powered media systems and especially Toyota Prius model. It is measured to be a good choice for automobiles having immense electronic accessories. SpiralCell technology is the main reason for its outstanding performance than other kinds of batteries in the marketplace. It is the first-ever batter that offers direct fit alternate to all latest vehicles. It does not need any special installation as it is linked with Toyota OE vent system. Once you make use of this battery, you will wonder with its performance. The Optima battery recharges rapidly to power your automobiles for hours even after total discharge. Users need to follow the charging guidelines to experience hassle-free functions. Contaminants are not used in the battery as it is constructed with the use of pure lead. It assures about longer life anticipation by a considerable number of years. Firmly covered plates and strong construction make the YellowTop battery to withstand all sorts of weather conditions. In addition, it can resist vibrations in an effective manner.


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Longer life expectancy and quick recharging

Sealed construction of the Optima YellowTop battery makes it durable and rigid to execute for long years. It will never produce any hassles to the users. Deep-cycle power and top-notch features will make sure about effective functions in heavy-load vehicles. It can keep hold of charge for a long period of time. It will not take more time to charge the battery compared to other traditional batteries. Users don’t have to carry a bottle of condensed water as it does not require water and it is completely sealed. When you make use of traditional batteries, you have to check water often but, it is not in the case of this Optima battery. The weight of the battery is 26lbs and its dimensions are 9.9 x 5.1 x 8.9 inches. Most of the consumers are interested to make use of this battery in high range. The battery is configured with wound cell technology for efficient performance.


  • Huge charge and discharge cycles
  • First-class deep cycle and starting power
  • Sealed construction and vibration resistant
  • Handle high range of electrical loads
  • Capacity of holding higher voltage


  • A bit pricey for budget purchasers


The Optima DS46B24R YellowTop Battery is an extremely effective product for your vehicle, and we found out that it’s a number one choice for Toyota Prius owners. High vibration resistance and deep cycle dependability are its main features compared to other batteries. It is the most preferred option among all people. Grab this product to satisfy your needs in an effective way. Innovative design with spill proof offer faster recharge and efficient power without any worries. You can also purchase the battery with warranty option. SpiralCell technology used in the battery will provide ultra low ohms and superior output. Vehicles included with inverters, audio systems and winches can make use of this Optima YellowTop battery without any concerns. Replace your traditional batteries with this excellent battery to have pleasure in its premium performance. More than 300 recharge cycles are present in the battery and it is completely maintenance free.