ACDelco 49AGM Professional AGM Battery Review

Every mechanical innovation needs an energy source that can offer the power or force for its progress. In that case, this source of power is the battery. Yes, the battery can supply the power to each and every parts of the car that needs the electricity to work. Apart from these things, it can also be used for air conditioning, head lights, stereo, ignition system and more. In fact, there are different models of the car batteries that are available in the market and all of them can provide the most wonderful benefits. As the way, the ACDelco 49AGM Professional Battery is the one that is getting increased popularity among the people now. Let’s see the pros and cons of this kind of battery in the most effective manner.


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  • This type of the AC Delco battery has the highest density negative paste that can help to improve the battery performance for longer.
  • It is attached with the enhanced life Alloy or the Silver Calcium stamped alloy. Therefore, it can help to increase the life of the battery in the best range.
  • In addition to that the calcium led positive grid can take advantage of the conductivity and it can allow for the lowest resistance.
  • This battery is also equipped with the robust envelope separator with the puncture resistant back that can allow the increased acid circulation. So, it can help to prevent the shortages and also effective to keep the battery in cool. Therefore, it can definitely be the best chance for extending the life of the battery.
  • Due to the maintained pressure on the plates that can reduce the amount of the active mass lost from the grid.
  • This ACDelco professional battery can have the 36 months of free replacement period. Therefore, this series of batteries can be the ideal choice when the replacement battery is required.
  • In addition to that, the oxygen recombination can reduce the water loss and support the repairs free performance.
  • Moreover, this battery is 100% electrical short tested and therefore it can definitely help to decrease the early failures.


  • Installation of this battery is quite difficult and so you need to professional assistance for fitting the battery in your car.
  • It is highly important to find the best model of this battery that can fit for your car. Therefore, it takes a long time to select one battery for you needs.
  • As well as, the continuous use of the electrical power from the battery can reduce the life of the battery. So, it is easily drained from time to time.

As the way, the ACDelco 49AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 49 Battery is the best choice when the replacement is needed for your car. In fact, it is completely tested for the pressure against the leaks and the electrical power. Therefore, it does not make any problems in future. However, you always should choose the right one that can suit for your needs best.