Odyssey 65-PC1750T Automotive and LTV Battery

The odyssey automotive battery is specially designed to provide the deep cycle and cranking power features. This kind of battery is made of 99.99% pure virgin lead and pure lead plates. Basically, the LTV battery looks thinner and able to fit well in the vehicles. The odyssey battery plates have more power and more plate surface area compared to the conventional batteries. These are capable of providing the engine cranking pulses in the effective way with the excess of 2250 amps for every 5 second. It can handle 400 unit charge and discharge cycles up to 80% depth of the discharge rate.


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Normally, the odyssey batteries are the superior combination of performance and power that makes a battery to work much more perfectly. It has an 8 to 12 year design life and also 3 to 5 year service life. It also has a welded intercell connection that enable to withstand even in the extreme vibration and agm design holds. This helps to prevent spills and other issues while using this battery. The benefits of using automotive and LTV odyssey battery are producing a massive vibration and a better battery life that can ever drained overnight. When compared to other models of odyssey battery, it is quite expensive but more powerful to use. If you have a really hard performance automobile, this odyssey battery can be an absolute choice for you because it will definitely meet your personal reference and needs.


• The automotive and LTV odyssey battery will provide enormous cracking power and deep cycle reserve power.
• The battery flat plates are made of 99.99% pure lead but not a lead alloy.
• Its size is double to triple of conventional sized batteries.
• This particular odyssey battery is a perfect range for all types of applications such as marine, commercial, automotive or LTV and power sports and so on.
• It has provided a better warranty of limited 3 to 4 year full replacement warranty/
• It has an amazing deep cycling capability so able to use on vehicles that are loaded with more electronics.
• It has capable to tolerate extreme temperatures from 40 degree Celsius to 45 degree Celsius.


The only disadvantage is the upfront price.

The odyssey automotive and LTV battery is one of the best batteries out there on the market. It is well suitable to fit on all vehicles like car, truck, jeep and many more. It is the only battery available on the market which has more than 5 years warranty. If you disconnect the battery and use after two years, it will start and works well with high cranking power. Instead of wasting money on other batteries better you can buy this original best battery and start your trucks and other vehicles with no effort. This battery is not only giving a much comfort level, but also saves you a lot of time, money, etc.