Optima Red Top 8004-003 Starting Battery Review

Optima Batteries provides the most powerful RedTop starting battery

Many products from Optima Batteries grasp the attention of vehicle owners worldwide in our time. These products are rich in quality, but low in price. Users of these products get the complete support to enhance the performance of their vehicle in the desired way. They take advantage of the RedTop Starting Battery 8004-003 34/78 and recommend this battery to their beloved network confidently. I use this starting battery and notice its real benefits in every aspect. The following details assist you to be aware of this starting battery from Optima Batteries and decide on your investment in this battery.

RedTop Starting Battery 8004-003 34/78

This starting battery from the Optima Batteries has 12 volts equal to 800 cold cranking amps. The overall weight of this starting battery is a bit more than 35 pounds. This starting battery has the best stuff to run for 100 minutes non-stop.

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Experts in the starting battery nowadays recommend this RedTop battery for users of heavy use applications especially off road vehicles as well as hot rods. This starting battery has high power and leak proof elements to make it out of the ordinary. The main attraction of this RedTop starting battery is its potential to start in any climate.

Every user of this RedTop starting battery is happy about its fifteen times more vibration resistance than usual starting batteries in this category. They take advantage of 100 minutes reserve capacity of this starting battery and constant performance as awaited. They suggest this battery because its SpiralCell technology design and the most reliable cranking power. This starting battery outlasts and outperforms traditional batteries in demanding cranking or starting applications.

You may search for an ideal starting battery for your demanding electrical accessory loads like audio systems, winches and other devices. You can choose and buy this starting battery. You will get the desired support to take advantage of high CCA starting battery. Alternators in this starting batter are capable to keep up with every electrical load.


The strongest five seconds starting burst is the foremost attraction of this starting battery. This battery can be mountable in every position as per requirements of users. There is a 3-year warranty for this battery from the Optima Batteries. Maintenance free nature of this battery is recommended for everyone who seeks an excellent starting battery at the most competitive price.

This starting battery is designed to provide high power delivery and the maximum resistance to usual causes of the battery failure. This battery is recommended for those who own off-road vehicles, hot rods, SUV’s, trucks, luxury cars and other equipment with a need to use the leak proof starting battery.


  • Longevity
  • Durability
  • The maximum power
  • No maintenance
  • Affordable
  • User-friendliness
  • No acid leakage
  • A 180-degreee rotation freedom
  • Operates well in all weather conditions


  • Performance reduction after a year

Every user of RedTop Starting Battery 8004-003 34/78 gets the best return on investment these days. They recommend this starting battery because efficient nature and durability. You can prefer this RedTop starting battery soon after you have planned to buy a brand new starting battery. Click here to read more reviews from people who bought this battery.