In any car we have the battery which provides with the electric power the vital systems of the car. Car batteries service life in normal conditions averages from 4 to 5 years and depends on many factors and we will observe them here. Any motorist tries to prolong service life of this power supply as its replacement though is simple, but is quite expensive. Many factors in use of the car can prolong battery lifespan, but can also considerably lower time of its operation.

Battery use in normal conditions

The normal term of operation assumed by the producer means a number of conditions, such factors as:

  • the car has to have reliable system of charging;
  • there are no extreme temperatures;
  • the power supply is not subject to jolting and vibration.

It becomes clear that normal service conditions in practice cannot be provided. However, it is essential to prolong service life of the battery as possible, for this purpose it is necessary to apply simple rules.

Serviceability of the generator

The car generator has very great influence on service life of the battery. The serviceable generator gives out the calculated tension necessary for recharge of the power supply. In case of its low voltage will not be enough, for timely restoration of capacity and joint stock bank will be in constantly discharged state.

Usurpation of plates can result from a low charge, and the term of operation will considerably be reduced. The malfunction of the relay regulator leading to the increased tension in a car network also negatively influences a condition of the battery. In this case there is an overheat of cans, electrolyte boils away, baring plates.

Under a high voltage starts jarring on dry plates, putty to be showered therefore the short circuit leading to instant death of the battery can turn out. At pollution of gas outlet devices pressure of the hydrogen which arose under the influence of a high voltage is capable to lead to damage of the case of the battery.

Temperature condition

Temperature has essential impact on service life, the it is higher, the quicker there are chemical processes in the case. It is necessary to consider that at the majority of cars, the power supply settles down under a cowl of the car and most of motorists not in forces is essential to affect this factor.

If the car is constantly operated at the increased temperatures, in this case it is necessary to check systematically electrolyte level in banks and if necessary to increase its level by means of the distilled water. Operation at low temperatures also negatively influences power supply service life. In this case the battery can be exposed to a deep discharge at start-up of the car, and continuous use of additional consumers leads to additional loadings.


Vibration of the battery is one more factor which influences its service life. Reduction of influence of this factor in the majority depends on the owner and driver of the car. At vibration and sharp pushes there is a gradual destruction of a plastering of inside plates, and in some cases also the damages of the case leading to instant death of the battery are possible.

It is necessary to try to overcome smoothly sites of roads with the damaged covering at the lowered speeds, and the battery has to be reliably fixed in the provided place, usually under the hood. Sometimes different manufacturers places the battery in different places, like under the seats or at back of the car, but in most cases the battery is placed under the hood. Considerable vibrations have to be eliminated at routine maintenance to protect your battery from damages and prolong the service life.

Style of a driving

The driving in lifespan of battery also depends and on style of a driving of his owner. Owners of city transport have this term much less, than at the cars which are carrying out the movement on country roads. It is caused by that the trip in city conditions is caused by frequent start-up of the engine and trips on short distances in which does not manage to restore the capacity.

The not fully charged battery is especially strongly shown at the movement in a city cycle in winter service conditions. Besides frequent starts, use of light devices and devices of heating does not allow to restore car power supply charging degree completely.

Signs of malfunction of the battery

The main sign of malfunction of joint stock bank is the complicated start-up of the car, especially in winter time. The constant battery charging from external sources says that with it something not as it should be. The second sign is intensity of a changing cranked shaft of the car. If the crankshaft is hardly turned or energy of completely loaded joint stock bank is enough only for a two-three of attempts of start-up of the engine, it is necessary to reflect on its replacement.