Optima 8040-218 D35 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery Review

Optima Batteries are known for its high quality, yet affordable batteries in particular dual purpose battery category. This company provides YellowTop AGM battery with the maximum quality. A reasonable price of this first-class battery impresses everyone almost immediately. Many people who own a commercial vehicle, heavy equipment or a vehicle with audio systems and electronics with high-demand nature nowadays look at starting batteries. They are keen to focus on all features of the battery before they make a decision about their shopping issues. They can focus on the following details explaining the YellowTop 8040-218 D35 dual purpose battery. They will be encouraged to choose and buy this battery.

YellowTop 8040-218 D35 Dual Purpose Battery

You may search for the best in class battery to power any genre of hungry accessories in a vehicle or equipment. You can prefer the dual purpose battery in the YellowTop category at Optima. You will get the desired support to choose and buy high quality features of this battery from Optima.


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This dual purpose battery has 620 cold cranking amps, 770 marine cranking amps, 12v nominal voltage, 48Ah capacity, 98 minutes reserve capacity, 13.1V open circuit voltage and 0.003 ohms internal resistance. Individuals who have listened to these performance statistics of the dual purpose battery wish to prefer and invest in it almost immediately.

SpiralCell technology in the design plate of this dual purpose battery is enhances its value further. This wound cell configuration plays a leading role behind the maximum lifetime and performance of this battery. I have chosen and bought this battery because its SpiralCell Technology.

This technology gives the best vibration resistance and extensive life to this battery. This design also lets lead to be used in 100% pure form. Sulphuric Acid electrolyte in this battery improves its lifetime along with the performance. Propylene case of this battery makes it covered as safe as possible.

Absorbent glass mat separators in this dual purpose battery hold electrolyte like a good sponge for eliminating the acid spilling. Added vibration resistance of this battery is caused by tightly compressed cells. Deep cycle and cranking power of this battery are the best as expected by all users. Users of this battery do not have to check water and maintain it.


  • This battery lasts up to two times as usual lead acid car batteries on the market
  • Dual batteries
  • The most efficient nature of dual batteries works well with hydraulic systems, stereo systems, diesel trucks, race cars devoid of charging systems and performance autos.
  • No maintenance
  • No water requirement
  • No spillage
  • Mountable in any position
  • Temperature resistant
  • A full coverage of 3 years warranty
  • Superior starting power
  • Long term energy
  • A quick recharge rate


  • High quality battery life lasts less than one year
  • A small size that may not compatible with some vehicles

YellowTop 8040-218 D35 Dual Purpose Battery is the most recommended battery for those who seek a battery with the maximum capacity to handle high multi-tasking levels. The overall efficiency and performance of this battery are excellent beyond doubt.