Optima 8020-164 35 RedTop Review

Every car owner likes to buy a brand new product associated with the overall performance of their vehicle. They can take note of products in Optima Batteries especially RedTop Starting Battery comprehensively. They will get an overview about this starting battery when they listen to the following details.

RedTop Starting Battery

Experts in the starting battery nowadays recommend the Optima’s RedTop battery model 35 and part number 8020-164. This battery has the most outstanding features for the best performance throughout its lifetime. The nominal voltage of this battery is 12 volts. The main attractions of this battery are sealed lead acid, high power and engine starting battery.

The overall size and weight of this battery is 10 5/16″ x 6 13/16″ x 7 5/8″ tall and 39.5 pounds respectively. This high quality battery has the best stuff to reserve capacity of 90 minutes. Thus, users of this battery do not fail to be satisfied with constant performance. The most impressive feature of this battery does not miss out its optimal starting power regardless of weather. The overall resistant to vibration of this battery is 15 times better than other batteries. This feature plays a leading role behind the maximum durability of this battery.


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As an owner of a car, you have decided to buy the top-notch products such as a battery. You can fulfil your requirements when you have a preference on the Optima 35 RedTop Starting Battery. I have bought this battery and get surprised with the maximum power cranking ability in harsh climate. Off roaders and hot rods users can prefer this battery and reap benefits from the heavy duty nature of this battery. I recommend this battery because leak-proof, starting ability and high power.

The most unique nature of this battery’s SpiralCell Design is very important behind its clean and strong power source. The overall safety while using this battery is ensured by this SpiralCell design. I make sure not only about my safety, but also my family and the environment as long as I use this battery. A long shelf life is given by a high reserve capacity of this battery. I feel happy to make use of this battery because I get the most expected power as soon as required for starting the engine.

Heavy usage is an important reason behind the utmost popularity of RedTop starting battery from the Optima brand on the market. The hot rods and off roaders make use of this starting battery because it’s heavy usage.


  • Fast recharging capabilities
  • Mountable and spill proof
  • Powerful
  • No maintenance
  • Optimal starting power
  • No effect caused by weather
  • The maximum durability


  • Poor reliability issues
  • Lesser shelf life
  • Performance reduction after a couple of months

RedTop 8020-164 35 RedTop Starting Battery is the best option for those who seek an outstanding battery to enhance the power of their vehicle within the budget. This battery has the best starting ability, seamless performance in tough climate and the most excellent power. If you are looking for more information about this battery you should check out reviews on amazon by users who already has this battery and see what they have to say.