Powerful battery Optima YellowTop

The special vehicles equipped with winches, devices for an engine warming up, the powerful audio systems and other consumers of the energy, and other who need accumulators of the raised capacity. Optima is intended for such systems with yellow top. This accumulator supports a high voltage in process of the category, allowing to use its current in much higher degrees, than a current of the usual accumulator.

The production technology of rolled elements allows Optima to combine in itself advantages starter winch and traction accumulators. The accumulator with yellow top repeatedly maintains the category-charge without damage to capacity and is ideal for seasonal application as has very low degree of the self-category. All models of accumulators do not demand service, have a high-strength hermetic enclosure.

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Optima Batteries 8040-218 D35 Yellow Top Dual Purpose Battery Technical characteristics:

Pressure — 13.8 V
Electrolyte — gel
Design — Tight, unattended
Capacity — 55
The sizes — 254 / 172 / 198
Weight (kg) — 20
Appointment — Off-road cars