Optima RedTop

Hardly you turned the ignition key, accumulator Optima with red top shows power, proving perfection of the design.

Accumulators with red top provide reliable start of engines on the cars intensively maintained by professionals. Creation of the powerful and compact battery, capable to get both heavy diesel engines, and set of other internal combustion engines including the engine of your car, became possible thanks to manufacturing technology rolled elements of Optimy. This technology provides a high starting current irrespective of ambient temperature in limits from-40 to +40 degrees of Celsius.

optima Redtop battery

The strong case and leak proofness of the accumulator do its steady against strong vibration and allow it to work without service wherever your adventures began.
Оптима with red top on the sizes no more the usual accumulator in capacity of 55 Ach, used on the car. However, in the ability to provide a starter big (to 1050) a current and on other properties, Optima surpasses traditional batteries in capacity 190 Ach having the much bigger sizes.

All models of accumulators do not demand service, have high-strength tight корп

Technical characteristics

Pressure — 13.8 V
Electrolyte — gel
Design — Tight, unattended
Capacity — 55
The sizes d/sh/v — 254 / 172 / 198
Weight (kg) — 18
Appointment — Cold environmental conditions