ACDelco 94R AGM Battery Review

Most of the automotive owners prefer installing the AGM batteries for their modern vehicles in order to have excellent start up power and the best overall power outputs. ACDelco is a leading brand providing the professional AGM automotive batteries with the noticeable charge receptive and high cycling capability for the perfect start or stop applications. It contains the absorbed glass mat design which is cent percent spill and leak proof. 94R is a particular model of the AGM automotive BCI group battery from this ACDelco brand. It provides you the best capacity and power output for all types of vehicles.

ACDelco 94R AGM

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Pros and Cons of ACDelco 94R AGM battery

When it comes to the 94R AGM battery from the ACDelco brand, it has huge numbers of advantages including:

  • Improved life – Silver/alloy calcium stamped allow enhances the cycle life and also improves the battery performance.
  • Higher density negative paste helps enhancing the power output performance and also increasing the battery life.
  • Robust envelope separator along with the puncture resistant back which allows for the increased acid circulation and also prevents the power shorts.
  • The calcium lead positive grid available in this battery helps maximizing the conductivity. It also allows for the lower resistance.
  • It has vent cap design for resisting the acid leakage.
  • Improved acid circulation in this 94R AGM BCI group automotive battery helps to remain the cool and as well as extend the battery life.
  • Accurate manufactured ribbed case which is cent percent pressure tested. It also adds rigidity and strength to your battery and avoids potential leaks.
  • 100 % electrical short tested in order to lowering the early failures.
  • Features maximum performance.

Because of such extensive benefits, this 94R AGM automotive BCI group battery form the ACDelco brand is a perfect choice for all types of vehicles. If your vehicle is using the 94R size battery, then it will be perfect fit to your auto. The AGM technology in this battery allows to get the best performance in the power output to give enough energy to all your vehicle parts.


  • As it is the AGM battery, it can be used only for the AGM supported vehicles.
  • Once the car owners are using the AGM battery for your car, truck, or other auto, it cannot be changed to use the conventional type of battery.

Even though these are the main disadvantages of the ACDelco 94R AGM battery, you can use it for your modern vehicles for the best power performance.

94R AGM automotive BCI Group battery from the ACDelco brand is the highly professional model of battery to provide greater performance and power output for your needs. It is the latest model of battery which perfectly fits your 94R battery size vehicle with the attractive benefits. Every user will surely love the maximum convenience of using this type of battery for your vehicle with the instant power output and maximum start up power.